Saints continue to sob after missed call against the Rams

“Saints aint going to the Super Bowl this year, smh.” I had to listen to that over and over from my friend Sunday before the game. Before the season, I predicted that the Saints would win the Super Bowl. Of course I had some money on the game. And of course, I lost that damn money!  As you probably already know by now, the Los Angeles Rams vs the New Orleans Saints game was some bullshit. Well, let me be clear, the last few minutes of regulation was. The controversy came with 1:49 seconds left in the 4th quarter, with both teams tied at 20. The saints were looking to score on 3rd down, when Drew Brees threw a sideline pass to receiver, Tommylee Lewis and… SMACK!!! Down goes Lewis. The refs decided not to make a call on it! No pass interference, no helmet to helmet. NOTHING!!! They acted like it didn’t even happen. The world went crazy. How the hell could the refs not make that call? Long story short, the Saints lost after an overtime field goal by the Rams. 

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3 days later, and the Saints are still pissed off. They wont allow football fans to forget that they should be in the Super Bowl, and not the Rams. Pro-bowl wide receiver, Michael Thomas posted a picture on social media with words “Super Bowl LIE” The fans seem to be beyond mad. Reports are that local bars in New Orleans, are refusing to show the Super Bowl this year. Instead, they will be showing the Super Bowl from 2010. That of course is the year they won. A New Orleans’ car dealer decided to take his frustration out in a different way. He needed to let all the people know that were traveling to Atlanta for the Super Bowl, who really should have been there. Two Billboards in downtown Atlanta read “NFL BLEAUX IT!” and “SAINTS GOT ROBBED”. Both in signs are in black and gold, and both have Saints logos everywhere.

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I know something that Saints’ fans might not know. According to cbssports.com, Rams fans were actually upset with the NFL’s decision to have referee Bill Vinovich officiate Sunday’s game. The were so upset, that they actually started a petition to have him removed from the game. The reason that Rams’ fans were mad, is because they have lost every game that Vinovich was involved in. Including the game they played against the Saints earlier this year. Very Interesting…Despite the petition, Vinovich officiated the game. This time the Rams won. A conspiracy theorist might think that all the games the Rams lost to the referees, were all to be made up in this one game. If I was a Saints’ fan though, I might think that the referee didn’t make that call, because he might have been afraid of what Rams’ fans would do. #WHODOESDAT

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By the way, we will have a Super Bowl addition of the #HELLAFLAGRANT Podcast coming soon!!! Stay tuned. 

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