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As we previously reported, Head Coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes, Urban Meyer, was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into his knowledge of domestic abuse by one of his now former assistant coaches. Zach Smith, who had been with Meyer since his coaching days at Florida was released by the team following a discovery of multiple counts of abuse. The plaintiff in these cases, his wife Courtney, was a long-time friend of Meyer’s wife.

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Meyer has remained consistent in denying full knowledge of these abuse cases, however, a suspension of any kind would merit that the investigation proved otherwise. Whether he actively or passively aided in any sort of cover-up, many are calling for a stronger penalty against Meyer. Which, don’t get me wrong, I can fully understand. 

Here’s why we cant take this “Suspension” serious:

  1. His apology, or lack thereof. In his press conference following the decision on this suspension, Meyer’s main headline was basically, “I’m sorry that anyone had to be in this situation”. Really??? You’re apology is to the situation, not the victim? Not the many victims of domestic abuse that have suffered in silence and been forced to stay quiet. You don’t get off that easy, especially as the head coach of a major collegiate football program.
  2. Strength of schedule. When you look at the 3 games he has to miss, Ohio State plays, Oregon State, Rutgers, and TCU. Not to mention he only has to miss full contact for week 1, so the second and third week he is involved all the way up through game day. Where he’ll likely coach from a cell phone anyway.
  3. Should he be fired? When you look at this 3 game suspension, I can’t help but wonder how much the university actually knows about his knowledge and involvement with these cases. They offered a sacrificial punishment on the weakest part of their schedule to appease the general public. Clearly a deflection to keep a more detailed investigation from happening. 

Wherever you stand on Urban Meyer’s suspension know this, we are witnessing another case of privilege at a high level. To put that into perspective, 4 students at school in North Carolina were suspended 4 games each for selling their own team shoes for extra cash. Not abuse, not lying about years of omitting information regarding abusers, but selling shoes. I don’t get to make the rules, but we can talk about them…


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