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SUSPENDED: Wide Receiver Michael Floyd Handed a 4 Game Suspension for His December DUI Arrest

How could any one forget the footage of Wide Receiver Michael Floyd, as he was found drunk and passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle hours after returning home from a game. Floyd, who had a less than impressive game earlier that evening, felt the next best thing to do was get trashed and then drive around. If you remember the arrest video, Floyd even tried to convince police he was going to pick someone up from the airport.

Video Courtesy TMZ Sports

Who the fuck where you picking up? A crash test dummy? This fool was so loaded when they got him to the police station he still wasn’t sure where he was or why. Im sure once he sobered up and looked at some of these videos he realized what an ass he looked like the night before. See the full video here: Full Michael Floyd Arrest Video

Released just a few hours after his arrest, Floyd was immediately dropped from the Arizona Cardinal’s and would later be sentenced to 24 days in jail and 96 days of house arrest. His sentencing also included 30 hours of community service, alcohol screenings, and a small fine. He was quickly picked up by the Patriots and earned himself a Super Bowl ring this past season.

Photo Cred: Yahoo Sports

Now a member of the Minnesota Vikings, Floyd will have to miss the first 4 games if the 2017 season. With so many alternatives to driving your own car once your intoxicated, like Uber and Lyft, Michael Floyd is getting off pretty light considering how hammered he was in that video. Since he refused to take the Breathalyzer test, we’ll never actually know what his blood alcohol level was that night but I’m taking bets that it was well over anyone’s legal limit.

Photo Cred: Getty Images via TMZ Sports

Floyd most recently was in the news as he apparently violated the terms of his house arrest last month by testing positive for alcohol. His lawyers argue that Floyd was drinking something that he did not know contained alcohol. Yeah, aight, I’m not going to speculate but The Flagrant Foul has our eye on Michael Floyd. I can’t help but think he’ll make another headline this season…

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