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Things you probably shouldn’t say to a fan…

Boston Celtics Guard Isiah Thomas felt that he needed to respond to a Washington Wizards fan during an already heated Game 3. From a number of late game battles and Kelly Ubre’s blatant shove of Kelly Olynyck, Thomas’ comments (what the fan said has yet to be released) clearly went outside the league’s level of tolerance.

The NBA fined Thomas $25,000 for telling the fan “I’ll fuck you up!” and “Come down here and say that”. In a video already making it’s way around the internet (see below), Thomas can be seen yelling directly at the crowd.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with the NBA. In today’s technology driven world, and with the Playoffs garnering as much attention as they do, the league had no choice but to fine Isiah Thomas. He probably won’t give the fine nor his actions much thought because well, he can afford it and sometimes fans need to be put in their place.

There comes a line as a human being that, even if you are making millions of dollars to play a sport, you can’t resist but to cross. I don’t have an opinion on whether or not Thomas was right or wrong, but I will say that there is an epidemic of self-entitled fans who think they can say and do whatever they want.

Be that as it may, Thomas does have the NBA Playoffs to focus on. And disrespectful fans are going to be around forever so unless you plan to give over half your salary to charity for cursing people out, I suggest Isaiah Thomas find new ways to show the opposing team’s fans that he means business.

Photo Credit: Yahoo Sports

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