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THROWBACK: 20 year anniversary of “The Bite Fight!”

20 years ago, one of the craziest things happened in sports history! Before I tell you the story, I have to paint you a picture of the scene where everything went down. Las Vegas, Nevada. The entertainment capital of the world. I’ve said this time and time again, there is nothing like Vegas on fight night! Part 2 of the super fight between Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson was about to start at MGM Grand hotel. Of course the crowd was filled with celebrities. Everyone who was anyone was there; All to witness 2 of the greatest fighters in boxing history go toe to toe, and blow for blow. In the first fight, Holyfield defeated Tyson in the 11th round. The judge stopped the fight, ruling it a TKO for Holyfield. It was one of the biggest upsets in boxing history. “Iron” Mike Tyson had to get his revenge.

Mike Tyson was monster. Before jail and after jail. Picture a 5’10, 230lb gorilla who was always angry. The shit he used to do to people in the ring was just nasty. I mean it was like he was out there trying to take people’s heads off. He once knocked a dude out in 91 seconds! He was an animal in the ring and anyone who stepped foot in there, he would hunt and kill. All except Holyfield. June 28th, 1997, the monster would show up.

It was now time for the epic rematch to begin. Both fighters were in their selected corners. The referee for the fight was Mills Lane. Both fighters were ranked No.1 and 2 in the world. Despite losing to Holyfield, Tyson was still ranked No. 1. As the fight began, Holyfield looked to show people why he should have been ranked number 1. Holyfield won the first 3 rounds convincingly. He looked like the better fighter. Tyson looked lost. Holyfield dominated Tyson unlike we have ever seen. Unlike anything Tyson was used to. He was not able to do to Holyfield what he had done to every other fighter who stepped in the ring with him. Of course, Tyson began to become extremely frustrated. As the third round began, Tyson would come out of his corner without his mouthpiece. Mills Lane instantly ordered him to go back to insert his mouthpiece before coming back out to the middle of the ring. Very Strange behavior from a man who has fought over 45 times professionally. He knows the rules. The fight continued. Tyson fought better in round 3 but Holyfield still dominated. With 42 seconds left in round 3, the craziest thing I’ve seen in sports happened. Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear! As Holyfield came out of the clinch he screamed in pain, yelling towards the ref, pointing at his ear with his glove. Tyson spit the part of the ear he bit on the ring floor. Mills Lane instantly called timeout to discuss what had happened and what to do about it. They actually let the fight continue! Tyson was deducted 2 points. As the 2 fighters continued they would once again find themselves in another clinch. The same result happened. Tyson bit his other ear this time! Once they discovered Holyfield had been bit again, they stopped the fight. Of course Tyson would go crazy after from being disqualified. Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield would then become WBA boxing champion once again.

Tyson would get his boxing license revoked and be fined 3 million dollars due to the incident. In the last 20 years, “Iron” Mike has found success landing roles in movies and television shows. He’s extremely funny and likeable, all characteristics we didn’t see from him while he was a fighter. He even apologized to Holyfield and together, they made a joke about the incident on a commercial. But no matter what Mike Tyson does for the rest of his life, he will always be remembered for biting Holyfield’s ear in what is now known as “The Bite Fight!”

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