Tristan Thompson Caught on Camera acting #HELLAFLAGRANT!

Tristan Thompson is known for 2 things. Lebron James’ teammate, and Khloe Kardashian’s dude. He hasn’t done shit on the court this year, so will just address him as Khloe’s dude. If you haven’t heard anything about their relationship, they are expecting a child in the upcoming days. This has been a big deal for Khloe because she’s been wanting a child. (She talks about it all the time on that terrible ass show.)  As Khloe and the rest of the Kardashians are preparing for the upcoming pregnancy, Khloe’s dude Tristan, is out making bad business decisions.
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The Cleveland Cavaliers were in New York this past weekend to play the Knicks. Tristan was obviously feeling a little lonely without the company of his pregnant girlfriend, so he called up a “friend”. His friend was friend was first reported as Instagram model @miss.stephanie_. The two were caught on camera walking together into the Four Season Hotel where the team was staying . Maybe she was just walking him back to make sure he was safe…Not a chance in hell. Apparently there’s more. According to, @miss.stephanie_, on Tuesday night, flooded her IG story with alleged texts from Tristan and also a video of them having sex. The funniest shit, had to be this text that he allegedly sent to her. It read:
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“If I was there, I would grab you while u try to walk away from me, than I would pull ya hair and kiss you and than rip ya clothes off and lay u down while I suck ya p*ssy and say sorry.”

She of course, deleted all the text and video of her and Tristan. The crazy thing about this story, is that it was actually confirmed to be another girl named Lani Blair, who was walking with wit him into the hotel. So that means that @miss.stephanie_ had to have been another one of his girls, who decided to post her story after the other video broke. There were also more pictures that surfaced of Tristan kissing two girls at a hookah lounge in Washington D.C. back in October. All this shit dropped within 12 hours. And Khloe was due yesterday.

Khloe responded with a post on social media of her and Tristan eager for their baby to arrive. She’s trying her best not to feed into the bullshit, and focusing on the upcoming birth of her child. The same thing Tristan should have been doing. Not only does Tristan have a pregnant girlfriend to deal with, but the playoffs begin this weekend. That means you have Lebron James to deal with also. You better not fuck up his chances for a championship, or you will have even more problems in your life. My advise for you Tristan, is never think you’re any better than Lamar Odom. The Curse ruined his life, it damn sure can ruin yours. Tread lightly…
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If you want to hear more about this topic, listen to the #hellaflagrant podcast, Episode 3, that drops this Friday!!!
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