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Tyreek Hill and girlfriends’ disturbing recording released!

Tyreek Hill is one of the most dynamic wide receivers in the NFL. Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs’ star dominated opposing teams with his blinding speed, and perfect route running. The combination of him and quarterback Patrick Mahomes was unstoppable. It started to look like they would be the best one-two punch in the AFC for along time. But after today, I don’t know if that will even happen.

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Back in 2015, Tyreek Hill was a superstar player for Oklahoma State University. An incident took place between his then-pregnant girlfriend and him, that would eventually change his life forever. In an former report from, it stated that in December, Hill was booked on probable cause for domestic abuse by strangulation, a felony for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Police responded to an emergency room call at a Stillwater hospital to investigate a reported domestic assault and battery. Hill’s girlfriend at the time said they were arguing at his residence when the incident “escalated into a physical altercation.” She told police that Hill. 20, hit her in the face and stomach and proceeded to choke her. She was treated and later released from the hospital. She told police she was eight weeks pregnant with Hill’s child.

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Tyreek Hill received 3 years probation. After hearing the story, I don’t believe he was disciplined enough. But Tyreek would over came the situation, and was drafted into the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs turned a blind eye towards his incident, because they felt that a talented player like Tyreek Hill was not easy to find. But talent doesn’t always make up for character.

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On March 5th, 2019, Tyreek Hill was named in in a police report involving and alleged child abuse incident. Chrystal Espinal was also named in that same police report. Chrystal is the mother of the child involved. Tyreek is the childs’ father. If you haven’t connected the dots already, Chrystal is the same woman from the incident in 2015. The report spoke about Tyreek’s son’s broken arm. Chrystal was informed by her son, that Tyreek was the person that hurt him. Their son is only 3 years old.

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April 25th, right before the NFL draft, a recording of Tyreek Hill and Chrystal Espinal emerged out of nowhere. Tyreek and his girlfriend spoke about the incident on the recording about their son’s injury. The recording below is extremely saddening. Now that the recording has been released, the NFL and the Chiefs need to act quickly to discipline him. The longer they wait, the worse things will get. Even though there is no physical evidence of Tyreek hurting his son, the conversation is extremely harsh between him and his child’s mother. As much as I enjoy watching Tyreek Hill play, I think I think he should be punished severely for his actions. The NFL needs to take control of this situation asap. His character has finally outweighed his talent and I don’t a 4-game suspension is enough.

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BREAKING NEWS: The Chiefs announce they’ve suspended Tyreek Hill from all team activities following the release of the recording. 

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