The “War Machine” gets 36 to life!

“I don’t know if my life will feel complete in 12 years or 30 years and neither do you, but I do know when he gets out, he will kill me.” Those were the words ex-porn star Christine Mackinday (Christy Mack) said about MMA fighter, and ex-boyfriend, “War Machine” in court Monday, June 5th. War machine, who actually changed his name legally from Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, has been on trial for sexually assaulting and kidnapping Christy Mack back in 2014. War machine walked in on Christy Mack and her lover, Corey Thomas, in bed at her Las Vegas home. After seeing them together, the outraged War Machine went completely insane. He immediately assaulted both of them, causing broken bones, damaged eye sockets, missing teeth and severe damage to the liver of Christy Mack. The War Machine was convicted of 29 counts in march for what he did to them and on Monday, June 5th, he was finally sentenced for 36 to life.

“Today I finally get to put a close to a very dark chapter in my life. Thank you all for your positivity and love throughout my journey. It has not been an easy few years, and I value all of your supports. I could not have seen this through to the end without purpose.” Those words were from the Instagram post from Christy Mack after the sentencing of War Machine.

I believe War Machine was a monster. Being a really talented and highly praised MMA fighter, War Machine took on the persona of god. A prideful man who most likely believed he should always be feared and respected. Especially by his woman. Even though Christy Mack was a porn star, I think seeing her with her lover in her own bed made the situation for him more personal. It wasn’t about her having sex; it was about her disrespecting what the War Machine stood for.  His Narcissism would be put to the test, so he was forced to brutally attacked them out of rage. This extreme case is almost identical to the O.J. Simpson case. The similarities in both men are evident, and event though the outcome was different the both had the same intent. Another horrible tragedy has finally come to an end. The War Machine is no longer, but Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver will have to spend at least 36 years in jail as punishment for the War Machine’s actions.


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