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Wayde Sims: LSU Basketball Player Tragically Killed.

Wayde Sims will never be able to play for the University of Louisiana State again. His dream to play in the NBA will never come true due to the fact that his was tragically killed. According to ESPN, “Sims, a 20 year old junior from Baton Rouge, was shot during an altercation outside of a Subway restaurant across from Southerns Football stadium around 1:25 am ET Friday. A video obtained by WRBZ shows several men fighting outside the restaurant. A gunshot can be heard, and Sims can be seen falling to ground before men started running from the scene.”

Although there is no word on what the altercation was about, the police do have their suspect. Dyteon Simpson. “Simpson, also 20, was arrested and charged with second degree murder Saturday, according to Baton Rouge Police Department. Police said Saturday that Simpson dropped his glasses during the altercation early Friday morning involving Sims. The glasses were tested for DNA, helping police arrest Simpson.”

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Wayde Sims and Dyteon Simspon’s beef shouldn’t have resulted in anyone being killed. According to sources, Wayde was just standing up for his friend. Unfortunately, he lost his life for it. Everyday people die over pride, arrogance or just being plain stubborn. I don’t know the reason for the unfortunate death of Wayde Sims, but I do know it could have been prevented. The 6-foot-6,  LSU Basketball player had his whole life in front of him. Dyteon Simpson lost his life as well. By killing Sims, he took his own freedom away. He will never be able to live the life that he thought he would live either. A lot of Wayde Sims’ coaches and teammates have come out and said kind words about him. Wayde Sims’ extended LSU family appreciated and cared very deeply for him. Its clear that the loss of Sims has effected all who knew him. We pray for Wayde Sims’ family,  and we celebrate the brief time of life that he had on earth. RIP Wayde Sims.

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“We are stunned and shaken,” said LSU president F. King Alexander. “To say we are grief-stricken is an understatement. Wayde was a beloved member of the LSU community whose leadership was treasured by his coach and his teammates. I know him personally and liked him tremendously. The void left by his passing will be immense, and we ask that you keep his family in your prayers.”

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