This won’t end well

University of South Florida football has been making waves in recent seasons for it’s on-field performance. However, in recent weeks they have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. 22-year old LaDarrius Jackson was arrested this week on sexual assault and false imprisonment charges on a fellow female student.

Jackson’s arrest comes just shortly after the shooting of fellow teammate Hassan Charles who was involved in a road rage incident. Charles survived the shooting but was released from the team.

In Jackson’s case, the victim alleges he forced her to perform sex acts on him. Now, by 22 these dudes have to know when to pack it up and go home. I get it, I was in college. It’s hella fine women there, but that’s the point. If one says no, leave it the fuck alone. In the digital age he’s lucky he’s not on tape somewhere.

I’m not convicting the young man of anything, my main message to the young athletes out there is to leave it alone. No sex is worth a criminal record.

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