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WTFoster??? 49ers LB Reuben Foster arrested in Tampa and released from the team!

Yep. It really happened. The night prior to their game in Tampa Bay, Reuben Foster was arrested again for misdemeanor domestic violence. Let me be clear and remind you that we never want to make light of these type of cases, but reserves the right to point out some obvious dumbass-ness where appropriate. 

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As previously reported here, Foster and his girlfriend were involved in a domestic assault case in which Elissa Ennis recanted her story about Foster hitting her.  Many people, myself included, were skeptical about the facts surrounding this case, but nonetheless, the 49ers reinstated him. Foster, who has also been arrested for marijuana possession, was placed on suspension for the first 2 games of the season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

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Following Saturday night’s arrest, Team GM John Lynch wasted no time in releasing Foster from the team stating “I want to be clear this is an organizational decision. Kyle and I talked last night, we brought it to ownership, and we were all lock-step in the decision.” Lynch was also clear in stating that the team had laid out very specific ground rules for Reuben following his string of legal problems. Point is he knew he was on very thin ice. 

So what happened?? Currently the most information available states that Foster and female companion were involved in a verbal altercation in which he allegedly slapped the victim’s phone from her hand, pushed her in the chest, and open-handed slapped her. Reports also elude to the victim being Foster’s “On again, off again” girlfriend. Yea, the same one he was already facing a case with.

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Reuben Foster is out as a Niner for sure, and likely out of the NFL as well but there are 2 major takeaways from all this. First is, how much rope are the 49ers and other teams around the league giving these players? San Francisco should know better. All the craziness that was Aldon Smith should be enough to remind you that when someone shows you their hand, you believe them.  But the second, and possibly more dangerous issue at hand is the issue of credibility in these types of cases. With the league moving to a stiffer stance on any acts of domestic violence, Elisa Enis recanting her story started to chink at the credibility of future victims. However, now that Foster is attested again for almost the exact same act, his word is shot completely. But isn’t hers? Because if assault number one did occur, and she lied to say it didn’t for whatever reason, she has to accept responsibility or not sticking to her original story. 

Luckily I’m not in charge of deciding how this plays out for Reuben Foster. My concern, as a 49ers fan, is John Lynch what are you about to do now? We started off this year a serious threat to the NFC West. We currently look like we’d lose to UCLA. You and Kyle are on the clock starting now. This season is done, get the draft and off-season trade clipboards out and get to work! 

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