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ARRESTED! Sacramento Kings All-Star Zach Randolph Arrested for Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Distribute

According to multiple reports, Sacramento Kings, and former Memphis Grizzlies star Forward, Zach Randolph was arrested last night for possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.  Really? Distribute? Get out of here with that, if anything I’d assume that the weed for him and his homies but what do I know?

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Currently, not all of the details surrounding Zbo’s arrest have been made fully public. However, we do know he was arrested along with two other men after Los Angeles Police responded to a disturbance call in the Nickerson Gardens housing projects.

According to TMZ Sports, Randolph, now 36, was held on a $20,000 bail for possessing 2 pounds of marijuana in a backpack. The video below, also courtesy of TMZ Sports, shows a jubilant Randolph leaving jail.

The All-star forward, recently signed a $24 Million contract with the Sacramento Kings so selling weed at least for financial gain doesn’t even sound legit. Here’s my take on the story:

  • NBA Player originally from the hood moves to country-ass Memphis and is bored out of his mind
  • Gets a deal with a California team and decides that he is free to smoke weed because, hey it’s California.
  • Has ties to the hood because, well all black people in America have a tie to the hood. Feel free to fact check this statement.
  • Decides because I’m rich, I’m protected.
  • Says to his homeboy’s lets be frugal and just buy 2 whole pounds now so we don’t get nickel and dimed. Makes sense.
  • Now lets put those pounds in this designer backpack and put it in the car and smoke us a few and talk shit.
  • Awe damn, the police are here…

Satirical as it may be, it’s no secret many professional athletes have repeatedly attempted to live above the laws that govern us regular folk. Well, in Z-Bo’s case, at least for now, the law has reminded us all once again that no one is bigger than the golden shield of justice!

Photo Cred: Craig Mitchelldyer, AP

Stay tuned as more details are expected to emerge on this story.

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