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Zion Williamson’s Unfair Superstar Expectations

Zion Williamson has already become of a household name, and he hasn’t even been drafted yet. The former Duke Blue Devil superstar took the world by storm, by displaying a high-flying array of dunk, all season long. He’s being compared to LeBron James, Charles Barkley, Shawn Kemp and Karl Malone. A 6-8, 280-pound Man-child, who can do no wrong. So what does this mean for the NBA? Is he the next LeBron? The simple answer is no. Not until he proves it. But I’m here to tell you that the journey for Zion Williamson to become a superstar, might be harder than people think.

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Tuesday evening, the Draft Lottery took place. The event lets teams know what order they will be selecting upcoming players this year into the NBA. Because Zion Williamson is the biggest thing since LeBron James coming into the NBA, the expectation is that he will be picked #1. The betting odds in Vegas for Zion to be picked first in the draft, is 999,999 to 1. So we will assume that he be picked #1. The New York Knicks, and their fans, wanted the #1 pick. The New York Knicks, and their fans, wanted Zion Williamson. The New York Knicks and their fans, aint getting the #1 pick, or Zion Williamson. The New Orleans Pelicans are, because they got the #1 pick. So now what happens to Zion Williamson? Why can’t Zion become a star in New Orleans?

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The answer to that is he can, but it won’t be easy. New Orleans is not a basketball town. They love their Saints and LSU Tigers football teams. The owner of the New Orleans Pelicans loves the Saints. I know this because they also own the Saints. The Saints are their #1 priority. Always has been. The reason this is a problem, is because they don’t promote their basketball team. When Zion was at Duke, he was on National TV every game. The Pelicans were rarely on TV this year because they are one of the worst teams in the NBA. The Pelicans were only able to stay relevant, because of their star player. Their soon to be former star. Anthony Davis has played the last 7 years with the Pelicans, but he wants to be traded BAD!! He wants no part of playing for New Orleans. Even if Zion Williamson comes. So can Zion win their without another great player?

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The answer to that is he can, but it wont be easy. Zion was the most athletic player in College Basketball last year. Maybe in all of basketball. News flash, everyone in the NBA is athletic in their own right. Zion was the strongest player in College Basketball last year. News flash, everyone at his position in the NBA, is strong. Look, I’m not here to say that Zion is going to have a hard time in the NBA, but he will see how much harder he will have to work to stay on top. His jump shot will have to improve, as well as his ball handling. It will take him sometime, but the world won’t give him any. We all have hyped him up to be LeBron or better, so the first time he scores 10 points, we are all going to criticize him. It’s an unfair judgement but it’s what the media has created. I hope that I’m wrong. I hope Zion does become the next great star in the league. But if he doesn’t, don’t call him a bust. Remember, the media created him as a mythical being. 

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NBA Draft is June 20th, 2019.

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